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3 common myths about energy drinks

Energy drinks have always been around during our lifetime, but how much do we really know about them? We take for granted that a single can of our energy drink of choice will restore our low energy levels and work some kind of magic into our work day or training session at the gym, but is that really the case?

Let’s explore three common myths about energy drinks and debunk them in the process.

1. Energy drinks give you an instant burst of energy.

That would be great, but that truth is that energy drinks – unlike popular belief – do not give you wings. This popular marketing slogan implies that energy drinks will give you an immediate burst of energy and make you feel invincible. In reality, the energy boost from most energy drinks comes from caffeine and other stimulants.

Some of SAVG Energy’s benefits come from the awesome guarana, generally regarded as one of the most delicious alternatives to coffee one could possibly pick.

With guarana, the absorption rate is slower in the human body than other sources of caffeine, meaning that it gives you prolonged energy without the “crash” in energy when it runs out.

SAVG Energy drinks can be a healthier option for when you need a pick-me-up drink that’s savagely real and free of fake stuff. SAVG Energy contain only high-grade primarily natural ingredients and is free from: 

  • Added sugars
  • Conservation agents
  • Preservatives
  • Artificial coloring
  • Concentrates of any kind

2. Energy drinks improve sports performance

Energy drinks do not offer a sudden burst of energy and are unlikely to enhance athletic or cognitive abilities if their consumers systematically neglect proper sleep and rest. Yes, energy drinks help you feel more energized, but they’re not magic potions: good sleep hygiene still works wonders and is absolutely essential. Associated with good sleep and nutrition, natural and healthier options like SAVG Energy will indeed help you achieve more than ever before!


3. Energy drinks can sober you up 

The only way to sober up from alcohol is to let your body metabolize the alcohol naturally over time, usually at a rate of about one standard drink per hour. Consuming energy drinks may make you feel more awake and alert but they will not reduce the level of alcohol in your bloodstream or improve your ability to function properly.

If you’re always on the go, it’s natural to feel that you need an extra boost of energy. Fortunately, we have what you need: SAVG Energy, for everyone on the go!

SAVG Energy is the ultimate energy drink made with 100% natural ingredients. It’s infused with delicious flavors and fortified with natural antioxidants to satisfy your taste buds and improve your daily performance! Discover SAVG Energy’s flavors and benefits here.

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