Wild Heart, Savage Soul

Exploring the New SAVG WORLD Website: A Center for Unity and Innovation

With our newly redesigned website, we are thrilled to announce the launch of SAVG WORLD, a significant milestone that brings the whole SAVG universe together under one roof. This is the center of our community and innovation, and it symbolizes our commitment to giving you access to the finest of SAVG’s extensive ecosystem.

A Consolidated Brand Environment: SAVG WORLD

SAVG WORLD represents the unity and diversity of our brand, consisting of several distinct yet connected divisions that all share the SAVG DNA. Together, they have transformed SAVG WORLD from a corporate organization into a thriving ecosystem that has the potential to impact a wide range of industries significantly.

The Ecosystem


The SAVG F&B Beverage Brand presents a range of unique products:

SAVG Boost

 A revitalizing drink crafted from natural ingredients, offering two irresistible flavors, Grapefruit & Apple and Red Fruits and Lemon. Rich in vitamins B6, C, D, and B12, along with nootropics for enhanced cognitive performance, it’s an energizing and healthy choice.


Introducing the concept of hard kombucha to the European market, SAVG Lyf provides an alcoholic and health-conscious alternative for those seeking fun without compromising well-being. It’s a festive and light option for kombucha enthusiasts with refreshing flavors like Lemon & Ginger and Mango & Strawberry.

SAVG Nite 

For party lovers, SAVG Nite offers a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage with an extra dose of energy. With a blend of B-complex vitamins and double the caffeine, it’s the perfect fuel to keep the energy going all night long.

With natural ingredients and unique flavors, SAVG products are the ideal choice for those seeking a balanced lifestyle without sacrificing enjoyment.

We are excited to offer our beverage products’ new branding and logos, which usher in a dynamic new era for SAVG F&B.


As part of its commitment to environmental initiatives, SAVG WAVE continues to support sustainability and beach clean-up initiatives, ensuring that our efforts help preserve the planet for future generations.

SAVG WAVE enjoys expressing that within each of us resides the ‘inner SAVG’, a natural source of strength and courage. It is powered by nature, acting like a rechargeable battery that thrives among trees, mountains, and the ocean. Neglecting nature weakens this inner strength.

Emphasizing the importance of nurturing nature to rekindle our inner SAVG, we reinforce our bond with the Earth and sustain our inner peace. The motto, ‘Wild Heart, Wild Soul’, symbolizes this profound connection, reflecting our deep-rooted love for nature and the fortitude it inspires.

In essence, safeguarding nature is essential not only for the health of our planet but also for cultivating our inner strength and tranquility. SAVG WAVE champions a collective dedication to preserving nature, fostering courage, and driving positive change


SAVG LIVE offers a variety of social events editions tailored to diverse interests and passions.

SAVG LIVE Art Editions 

It is designed for creatives and enthusiasts to explore new techniques, find inspiration, and connect with fellow art lovers.

SAVG LIVE Soul Edition 

Offers yoga classes and meditation workshops to promote mindfulness, well-being, and inner peace.

SAVG LIVE Club Edition

Showcases live performances celebrating the universal language of music and talents from various genres and styles.

SAVG LIVE Track Edition

Combines motorcycle racing and music for a thrilling experience at iconic circuits, appealing to adrenaline enthusiasts and music aficionados.

Dive into our diverse editions, from Art and Soul to Club and Track, and discover the perfect fit for your passions.

What’s new on the website?

The redesigned interface is modern, easy to use, and full of features that improve your browsing experience.

Interactive Interface

You can quickly and effectively discover what you need thanks to the simple navigation and interactive aspects.

Redesigned Logo

Check out our creative side with the new, eye-catching packaging for SAVG F&B drinks.

Extensive Information

Everything is accessible with just a few clicks, from thorough descriptions of our divisions to forthcoming events and projects.

Community Involvement

Communicate with us via newsletters, blogs, and integrated social media feeds.

Join Us on This Adventure

Check out our exciting new website, stay up to date on SAVG F&B’s latest developments, and get in touch with us through our events and initiatives. By working together, we can change things and provide everyone with a bright, sustainable future.

Thank you for being a part of the SAVG WORLD ecosystem, and stay tuned for additional developments. Our combined strength and boldness make us more prepared for the future.

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