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Join the SAVG Wave in Nazaré and help us protect our oceans!

In collaboration with Oceanos Sem Plásticos, SAVG Wave invites you to take part in a beach cleanup initiative in Nazaré on January 27th. This action, featuring special guests surfer Haroldo Ambrosio and Daniel Krattinger, aims to combat ocean pollution and raise awareness about the urgent need to preserve our planet.

What to expect when you volunteer for a Beach Clean-up

Volunteering for a beach clean-up is a rewarding way to contribute to the health of our planet and enjoy time outdoors. If you're considering lending a hand for the first time, you might be wondering what exactly the experience involves. Here’s a guide to help you prepare for the day and ensure that your contribution is as impactful and enjoyable as possible.

The Importance of Keeping Our Beaches Clean: a deeper dive

The increasing litter problem on beaches worldwide is a threat that cannot be ignored. Discover the importance of keeping them clean and join us at Nazaré's Beach Clean-up on January 27.

10 Reasons to get involved in a beach clean-up

If you needed a reason to help you convince to participate in a beach clean-up event, we give you ten!

Can Hard Kombucha be used in the kitchen?

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Hard Kombucha, as it’s been trending as a healthier alcoholic drink. But have you thought about using it as a surprise secret ingredient in your cooking?

3 common myths about energy drinks

On this article, we explore three common myths about energy drinks and debunk them in the process.

Is Hard Kombucha a healthier alternative to alcoholic drinks?

Have you heard that Hard Kombucha is a healthier alternative to alcoholic drinks but don't know exatcly why? You'll explain everything in this article.

SAVG Lyf featured in the Portuguese Media Press

What if a kombucha could have alcohol after all? Yes, paradise exists and it's called: SAVG Lyf, one of the first hard kombuchas to be launched in Portugal and Spain, an original recipe from FMR Brands that is available in mango/strawberry and lemon/ginger flavors.

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