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SAVG Wave partners with The Trash Traveler on the mission to help preserve the environment

SAVE Wave is thrilled to announce the partnership with “The Trash Traveler” project, founded by Andreas Noe. This long-awaited collaboration aims to expand SAVG Wave’s mission in preserving and conserving the environment.

How ‘The Trash Traveler’ project came about
Andreas Noe, a German molecular biologist, who gave up his career as a biomedical, moved to Portugal in 2018 to start a journey of environmental activism, while spreading awareness with positivity, creativity and extraordinary adventures. This journey of awareness started with its first project called “The Trash Traveler”, in which 1 ton of plastic was collected along the coast of Portugal and 160 videos of awareness were created and published.

Andreas Noe has gone on several adventures since he founded the ‘The Trash Traveler’ project, such as:

  • The Plastic Hike (2020) – that consisted of hiking 1152 km along the Portuguese mainland coast in 58 days to raise awareness about plastic pollution.
  • The Butt Hike (2021) – The Trash Traveler & Team went through 38 Portuguese cities and beach locations in 2 months to raise awareness about ”where does the ocean start?” and they used cigarette butts as an example that everyone’s acts matter.
  • The Trash Cycle (2022) – that consisted of building a new bicycle out of only second hand bike parts to show that it is possible to give old and used things value again.
  • World’s Biggest Butt Pick Up (2023) – 650.000 cigarette butts were collected in Portugal within 1 week. 1400 people participated in clean up activities around the country.
  • The Trash Art Awards (2023) – Everyone was invited to clean wherever they were. The collected trash was supposed to be placed on the ground to form an art piece and upload a picture on “The Trash Traveler” platform. A public voting process and a final jury selected the winners

The Ocean Hike in Madeira
The upcoming adventure of the Trash Traveler is about to take place From 15 May to end of June. Andreas Noe will continue the coastline journey exploring the islands of Madeira. He will hike as close as possible to the ocean, around all islands and on top of the highest mountain. Along the way, he will collect plastic and meet groups such as NGOs, scientists, schools, general public.The hike will be extended with boat trips and science expedition to tell a broader story about the ocean and it’s threats.

SAVG Wave Talks has launched its newest motivational video featuring Andreas Noe, in which he shares his journey on environmental activism and how it has changed his life.
Check it out!

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